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On Site Masage Training


Private, individual or group classes customized to the needs of your business are available at your massage establishment or at an off-site location convienent to your staff.


Please contact me with your needs. Dates, times, and subject matter can all be customized for the needs of your business.  All levels of training are available from private tutoring to large off-site training sessions for your whole team.


You may find my services especially helpful if you are starting a new business, hire new grads, or find that your client retention is low.  If you do not have a trainer or lead therapist on staff, I can come in as needed to train new or existing staff.


Some established spas find that an annual training session can re-energize staff members and help them to obtain required continuting education hours.


Many talented therapists graduate from school without deep tissue or myofascial skills. Hire smart people with a great touch and I can help you turn them into  great therapists.


Some of the classes that I can bring to your team:

Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release

Trigger Point

Stretching your client/Total Body Stretching

Postural Analysis




Hot Stone

Spa Treatments (mud wraps & salt scrubs)


Building your business - how to get clients to rebook


Body Mechanics & self care

Advanced Technques -

Upper Back

Neck Pain

Low Back

Pelvic Balancing

Frozen Shoulder

Carpal Tunell

Headaches/Migraine treatment




Certificates for Texas CEU hours are available for any of my classes


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