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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Very gentle touch is used to optimize the subtle movements of the cranial bones and the cerebral spinal fluid. We work both at the cranium and the sacrum.  Treatement is usually performed fully clothed. For best results, please wear shorts, yoga pants, or slacks (no skirts or jeans). 

Visceral Manipulation

Techniques taught by the Barrall Institute specifically targeting abdominal organs. Extremely gentle and focused on listening to the organ and helping it to move optimally. 


Mixed Modality - Cranio Sacral, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic, Myofascial, - Sessions are approximately 90 minutes $200

Lymphatic Drainage

I use both Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques as well as Lyphstar Pro (instrument assisted lymphatic drainage. The LET machine used light and frequency to open the lymphatic channels. Popular for both spot treatment and full body lymphatic drainage. 

Medical Massage

Focus on helping you get out of pain. For best results, wear comfortable clothing such as yoga pants or athletic shorts to your appointment. Treatment is often done fully clothed.  I will also discuss the cause of your pain, and what you can do at home to facilitate healing.

Therapeutic Massage

More typical "Spa Massage" integrated  with expert attention to problem areas. Each session is customized to your needs on the day of the appointment. This is a popular service for gift certificate redemptions. Perfect if you neck hurts, but you want a more relaxing experience combined with my  expert attention to your problem areas. Clients undress to their comfort level in privacy and are coverd with a sheet and blanket at all times.

TMJ Treatment

The muscles inside the mouth are easily released and balanced with gentle myofascial release. I will wear gloves while working inside the cheek. Additional techniques such as CranioSacral Therapy and trigger point may be used when appropriate to resolve your condition. 

Pediatric Medical Massage

Many teens and pre-teens are suffering from headaches, sports injuries,  neck and back pain. As a mom myself I am able to relate to young people.  Usually I am able to help with pain in only 1 or 2 short visits. Most of my work can be done fully clothed and parents are always invited into the treatment room. 

For babies and young children, I usually treat the mother and/or primary caregiver in the same session. 



Which service to book:


No worries! 

Simply book the time you need.

Every appointment is customized to your condition, needs, and budget. I can be better prepared if you give me an idea of what you hope to accomplish during our session. 


Working with your Doctor:


I am willing and able to coordinate care with your doctor, dentist, or chiropractor.


Due to HIPPA regulations your health care providers will need your express permission to discuss your case with me.  I will need your permission to discuss your care as well.


Insurance Claims:


I can accept health savings plan and flexible spending account cards.


I do not accept insurance, but I will provide an insurance claim form upon request.


A prescription for massage therapy may be required. Please check with your insurance provider for details.

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