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Products that I recommend

Music that is tuned to the solfeggio frequencies that resonate with our own DNA. I have been playing this in my home and office with great results.  More about how music affects us.  

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Magnesium Oil with the addition of MSM for inflammation

The massage cream that I use in the office also makes a great at home moisturizer. Contains no nut oils, fragrance, or other common allergens. Note it *does* contain aloe.

I love having better-than-bottled water right from a tap at my kitchen sink. This unit is permanently installed under the sink and filters are replaced annually.  It removes *everything*  

My 2nd choice for water filtration. Make sure you buy one with the additional flouride filters. I recommend this one if you can't install a RO filter or need an additional one for travel or emergency situations. You can put pool or pond water into this one in an emergency to make it safe to drink. 

I researched air filters in depth and these are the best that I have found. Price but worth it if you are concerned with air quality in your home. These remove not only dust & pollen but also *chemicals*

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