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Recommendations for Flu Season

These are the products that I keep on hand during flu season:

I use these only when I am sick. They are not for daily supplementation. I do not use all of them at the same time. I *do* use them the moment I start to feel sick. I can usually avoid getting sick, if I eat well, rest, and take some supplements as soon as I start to feel ill.

Colloidal Silver - the size of the particles and the strength is important. ACS is the best brand I have found so far. Use frequently and liberally.

I usually take one of these strong anti-viral herbs or one of the combination remedies listed below. They do not upset your gut flora as bad as antibiotics, but when used in high dosages, you might need to supplement with pro-biotics.

Oregano Oil - Antibiotic, Antiviral

Olive Leaf Extract - Antibiotic, Antiviral

Combination Formulas. Please READ the recommended dosage. If you sick, take the full recommended dose (sometimes up to 6 pills at one time).

I use these nasal sprays as soon as I get a hint that I might be developing a sinus infection:

Grapefruit seed extract Nasal Spray Grapefruit seed extract is strongly anti-fungal as well as antibiotic and antiviral. Most allergies have a fungal component, so I use this sometimes in allergy season too.

Remember that I am not a medical doctor. These are the products that I use for myself and my family. Please do your own research before using any supplment that I recommend.

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